Area Info

Tell the reader a bit about the area – what is it famous for? Why do people like to vacation there? What are one or two attractions they will surely want to check out?
Cozy Cabin is located in Aspen, Colorado, one of the most famous skiing destinations in the country, if not the world. Once known for its off-beat culture and as the home of John Denver and Hunter S. Thompson, Aspen is now a four-star attraction for the rich and famous. With incredible restaurants, upscale boutiques, fantastic shopping, and four mountains with 5,246 acres of skiable land, you’ll never be at loss for something wonderful to do in Aspen.


List out in bullet points the main attractions in the area – museums, theme parks, national or state parks. It is very helpful to include links to the attraction’s website. You can do this easily in the “bullet points” section. We’ve one Aspen, Colorado example.


Put a bullet-list here of all things that guests can do while staying in this location. We’ve given some examples of just a few Aspen, Colorado activities, though you should be exhaustive with your property.